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A few words about our company

Tiny House BAR-TOF is a family company and a factory that has been involved in the construction and renovation of residential and commercial buildings for over 15 years. We have won several awards in the field of construction. Thanks to quality, attention to detail, and a qualified and permanent team, we have been building and delivering our Tiny Houses to customers from all over Europe for several years now! Our houses can be found in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic etc. We build smaller mobile variants as well as large mobile homes intended for permanent residence!

Tiny House BAR-TOF in a film

As is already common knowledge, small houses are no longer just a curiosity, but a lifestyle or a way to make it more attractive. That’s why more and more tiny houses appear in films! Our company had the pleasure of making one for a Polish film production. It was both an interesting experience and great fun. The film itself is a crime story with comedy elements based on the legend of a Podlasie village, and its title is: "The Mystery of Łuki".
We are very proud that our houses caught the eye of the producer Krzysztof Bałtyk and the director Piotr Doliński, and one of them could appear on the big screen. Our team had the opportunity to be on the set, during shooting, and at the film premiere.